V1.14~V1.16 snapshot 20w20b

The intuitive operation of the Minecraft controller gives you the best experience


JoyToKey’s file accessory for minecraft was born from an advanced playing environment, and it was brushed up and mastered.


Let’s play Minecraft away from keyboard operation. This is easy.

JoyToKey (basic free)

Mine Craft Controller

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The Minecraft Controller consists of ultra-functional, high-performance programming to quickly stream your intuitive play to any device.


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It supports both wired and wireless controllers, and it is possible to control Minecraft from all devices such as laptops, desktops or gaming PCs.


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Download JoyToKey (basic free)

JoyToKey official site is Here

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JoyToKey is utility software that can convert keyboard input to a USB controller, and is used when you want to operate an application that does not support the USB controller, a game, or a web browser application.

joy2key: gamepad to keyboardJoystick To Key Board

JoyToKey is a shareware software that you can download and play for free. It can be used without any functional restrictions or time limits. If you want JoyToKey, you can also purchase a license key, which you can purchase from this link



Shareware paid (all features available for free with no trial limits)
Supported environment: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10

Please note that JoyToKey only supports Windows, not Mac

English not supported Only Japanese supported

Download Minecraft Controller (Free)

V1.14 ~ V1.16 snapshot 20w20b

“Mine-Craft-Controller.zip” をダウンロード Mine-Craft-Controller.zip – 70 回のダウンロード – 4 KB

V3 2020-05-14

Added new settings

In this V3, you can now switch the game mode

For details, see [Installation and Initial Settings] or [Change History] [Operation Method] of this blog


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Minecraft controller functions

Debug / chunk display / screen switching / screenshot /
Clear chat view / pause game / advanced information
/ Chunk drawing distance increase / decrease / Hit judgment
Mode switching
Accessories such as are added.

Enclosed accessories for Minecraft controller

Mine Craft Controller Creative Edition

Mine Craft Controller Survival Edition


Supported Version









V1.16 snapshot 20w20b

V1.14 to 1.16 snapshot 20w20b are mutually compatible.

This version and below are not supported.

変更履歴(Change Log)

V1.1 2019-12-20 FIX operation fix

V1.2 2020-01-04 Operation check and Readme revision

V1.3 2020-03-05 Fixed the problem that the world is hidden by hitting the search window when selecting the world.

V2 2020-04-27 1.16 (20w17a) fixed malfunction of recipe book by space key.

Optimize and improve X button decision


Installation and initial setup

For the installation method of Minecraft controller, unzip the downloaded ZIP file.

Please install as follows for the latest JoyToKey V6.3.

Explorer> Quick Access> Document> In the “JoyToKey” file

Mine Craft Controller Survival Edition

Mine Craft Controller Creative.Edition

Installation is completed by dragging and dropping

Initial setting

Start Minecraft and change the following from “Operation Settings” in Settings.


(J J-key) (Keyboard J-key)


(↑ Up) (Upward key on the keyboard)

Item usage / Block placement

(← Left) (Left arrow key on the keyboard)

Attack / break

(→ right) (right direction key on the keyboard)

After that, start [JoyToKey], click the Minecraft controller, then start the Java version of Minecraft, and you can immediately play Minecraft with the controller



Introducing the JoyToKey USB controller settings.

Please note that this operation method is based on the Xbox controller.

Open / close inventory

To open the inventory, press and hold the Y button. To close, press and hold B to operate. (Because it conflicts with other buttons.)

Discard items or manipulate items in inventory

The X button discards the item if it does not open the inventory.

If you have the inventory open, the items will be “halved” or “every other item”.

How to collect items in your inventory

If you have scattered identical items in your inventory, quickly press the A button twice on the item you want to collect while holding the scattered item.

Inventory and menu gui scroll operation

Use the RB button or LB button to scroll the menu up and down.

The R1 and L1 buttons have replaced the mouse wheel.

About the decision button

Originally, the A button corresponds to the OK button, but if there is a problem (the cause is unknown), press the Y button.

How to operate the inventory

This can be done with the arrow keys on the XBOX controller.

Operations such as swimming and running

You can run / swim by pressing the left stick twice quickly to run or swim, or by pressing the right stick quickly.

How to move the same item multiple times

If you want to move more than one same block from inventory to the chest,

While holding an item with the X button (anything is OK), you can quickly move the same item by pressing the Y button twice.

How to get off a horse or pig or boat or truck

To get off a horse or boat, push the left stick to get off.

Off-hand switching of items

Press the B button quickly

Debug screen support

Press and hold the Back button and release the Back button to start debugging. Hide debug screen in loop

Screenshot support

Press and hold X button

Full screen switching support

You can switch to window mode by pressing the right stick a little longer, and full screen by pressing the right stick a little longer again.

This was set to move to the desktop so that you can easily view building models and switch sound settings.

Do not click the JoyToKey GUI. It may get stuck. In this case, you can cancel the stack by clicking the mouse pointer on the desktop.

Show / hide GUI for Minecraft screen

Long press the start button

Chunk display

Press and hold the Back button on the controller and quickly press the Y button.
Hide chunks in loop

Display advanced information

Hold down the Back button on the controller and press the LT button. Hidden in loop

This will allow you to check durability and tags such as ice ax from the inventory (Y).

Durability of tools and armor.
Map level.

Game pause

To stop, press the Start button while holding down the Back button on the controller.
Release the pause in a loop

Clear chat

Press and hold the Back button on the controller and push the right stick to clear the chat log.

Increase / decrease drawing distance (display chunks)

Chunk display increases by pressing and holding the B button while holding down the Back button on the controller.

Push in the left stick once and hold the Back button and press the B button to decrease the chunk display.

collision detection

Press and hold the Back button and press the RT button to display the range of hit judgment.

Mode switching

Hold down the BACK button and tap the A button to open the menu.
Hold down the BACK button and press the A button to cycle through the game modes.
Release the BACK button to apply

How to use Mine Craft Controller Creative Edition

Push the left stick to move down
Fly by pressing the A button twice quickly.
Push the right stick quickly to move faster.
Press Y to get a creative inventory or a stack. Or get only one item with A button
Scroll with LB or RB in creative inventory

Minecraft controller malfunction or help

Even if JoyToKey is started, the USB controller may not work. In this case, exit JoyToKey that has already started from the task manager, disconnect the USB controller from the PC once, and then try restarting.

Please try to reinstall the driver.

It will not work if the USB controller is broken or broken.

If you are having trouble displaying chunks of Minecraft, please set “Reduce debug information: Off” in the chat settings.

Before starting Minecraft

Before starting Minecraft, start JoyToKey and start Minecraft.

It may not work properly.

When exiting JoyToKey

JoyToKey is running in the background without ending even if you press the X button on the window.

Task Manager> Click “Name” in Sort List> Right-click [Convert joystick input to keyboard / mouse input] and click “End Task” from the list.

Minecraft Controller Terms of Use

Usage items

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Prohibited matter

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